Your Growth Squad Committed to Maximising Every Dollar Spent On Marketing

Like many of you, our company started with a big dream.

We’re consist of creators, founders and entrepreneurs who have founded and grew brands in various industries. We’ve faced blah blah blah….

Today, we endeavour to be a true partner to all our clients.

We help make existing marketing teams more effective and fill gaps in their team to avoid costly mistakes or new hires. Oftentimes, our fully collaborative team becomes the marketing department of our clients looking to keep their overheads down. 

No matter your situation, we can bring a fresh perspective that skyrockets your marketing ROI and pumps in new ideas.

Full Transparency

We ensure that our clients are up to date on their projects’ status and how their investment is benefiting their company.


We're a team of passionate, curious, and innovative individuals working hard to deliver long-term growth for remarkable brands.


We value real-world feedback, respond to changes and discover better ways of delivering value for our partners.

What Makes Us Unique

We deliver what we promise and add unexpected value to our clients’ businesses

For us, “growth” isn’t just a buzzword – it’s at the heart of what sets SocialFin apart.

Achieving (and accelerating) sustainable growth is only possible if you have a dedicated and passionate team that cares for your goals and results. This is what we’re here for.

We don’t use the same digital strategy for every client. Once we’ve determined your goals, we deliver and implement a custom digital strategy that will bring consistent results.

We’ve ditched the conventional agency culture and came up with a better way to produce impactful, cost-effective results.

We don’t have a fancy office overlooking Marina Bay. No latte-sipping receptionists. No BMW-driving sales reps. Just hard-working marketing experts delivering transformative solutions for emerging startups and innovative scaleups.

If you are looking for a team of experts that will help you grow your business and become your most valuable partner, then you are at the right place!

Fuel your company with diverse expertise

Meet Your New Growth Team

The energy and the passion within our team have defined who we are as a company. 


Web Designer

Mike Stuart

UI / UX Designer

Samanta Kols


Tommy Lee

Support Manager

Mila Yong

CEO Company

Bill Kocs

Web Designer