Never Miss a Lead or Sale Again!
How to Contact Leads / Customers While They’re Still Ready to Buy

Never Miss a Lead or Sale Again! How to Contact Leads Customers While They’re Still Ready to Buy
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No matter how you look at it, the best way to expand your customer base is through proactive communication. Let me emphasise the word “proactive”. You have to exert continual effort to reach out to your leads so you can turn them into faithful customers. No excuses! 

For instance, let us look at education and service-oriented businesses like preschools, enhancement centers, yoga clinics, and wellness hubs. If you own or work for any of these, you would know how easy it is to get leads. You can hand out flyers, offer discount vouchers, and do other marketing strategies without breaking a sweat. The challenging part is contacting your leads. 

The case with e-commerce companies is no different. Your online fashion or home improvement store may have a large pool of leads, but ineffective handling will not ripen them into customers. 

Do you find yourself panicking in fear of missing a lead? There is no reason to worry! Here are some tips on how to contact your leads while they are still ready to buy. 

Strike While the Iron is Hot 

Time is a pivotal factor when it comes to stabilising your customer base. The moment you get the contact details of your potential client, you have to act right away. There is no time to waste. As cliche as it may sound, you need to strike while the iron is hot.

One strategy at your disposal is automation. In case you are not familiar with this technology, an automated system acts as a virtual machine. It carries out tasks that are repetitive.

Let us say you are the owner of a chiropractic clinic. You have contact details scattered across the country, and a handful of people reach out to you enquiring about your services. You can program an automated system to collate the contact numbers of the potential customers and send them a promotional message in real-time. Talk about speed!

What’s more, you do not need a supercomputer to have your business automated. There are third-party companies offering automation services at rates that are adjustable to your needs. 

Never Miss a Lead or Sale Again! How to Contact Leads Customers While They’re Still Ready to Buy - SMS

Personal is Professional

In industries like spas, preschools, and the like, you have to be very personal with the clientele. By showing them that you care about their welfare, you establish an aura of respect and admiration. Do not treat them as though they are paying customers. The key is remembering the fact that in some businesses, personal is professional. 

How can you contact your leads in a way that shows your care? One tried and tested approach is by having an SMS conversation. 

Whether you would like to believe it or not, a lot of people still prefer SMS messaging over other modes of communication. A short message service gives the advantage of being less cluttered: no attached files, no images, no distractions. And with all the space that has been cleared, you will have the room to be personal with your leads. 

Emphasise Through Emails

According to Radicati, a technology marketing research firm, the number of registered emails is more than half of the entire world population. That is billions of emails! And this gigantic number is something that you can use to your leverage. 

The parents who asked about your preschool or tutorial center are most likely to be email users. Do not let this opportunity slip through your grasp. Reach out to them through established email marketing strategies. 

Since emails are also free of charge, you can be healthily aggressive with sending emails to your leads. Timing is essential. Bombarding them with too many emails may annoy them, but sending too few may dilute your impact. Just play it by ear and before you know it, your leads will turn into full-fledged customers. 

Never Miss a Lead or Sale Again! How to Contact Leads Customers While They’re Still Ready to Buy - accommodate

Accommodate a Wide Range of Preferences

Not all of your customers are tech-savvy. Perhaps, some of them even have special needs. The 70-year-old woman who enquired about your fitness classes may be suffering from poor eyesight that does not allow her to read emails or texts anymore. And as a business owner, you have to be accommodating to these circumstances. 

That is why you need to incorporate a wide range of methods for reaching out to your leads. Sending emails is a good practice, but it is not enough because some people do not actively check their inboxes. Sending SMS can be effective as well, although it also has its downsides. 

Why not try sending a voicemail? Through voicemails, you can reach your customers not just through their mobile phones but also through their telephones at home. They will benefit those who have visual impairments, as well as those who are too busy to open a message in their inbox. 

The Importance of Follow-up

The tricky thing when it comes to expanding your customer base is that it requires keen attention. Sending one or two messages is not sufficient to hook your leads. You have to continuously and consistently follow-up with them. 

How can you be committed to following through with your leads if your hands are already full with running your business? This is where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes in handy. 

You may employ a custom CRM for your business to help you track your leads effectively. Through CRM software, you can automate follow-up messages and even transform data into insights for decision-making. Investing in CRM is a prudent decision, especially in a digital world like ours. 

Never Miss a Lead or Sale Again! How to Contact Leads Customers While They’re Still Ready to Buy - nurture

Final Reminder: Take Care of Your Leads and Buyers

Any form of communication with your potential clientele will be useless without sincerity. You indeed have to be quick in reaching out. Being creative with your approach is also necessary. But in the end, what matters is for your future customers to realize that they can trust you and your business. There is no other strategy better than this. 

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