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Using a combination of our industry-leading expertise in LinkedIn Ads, expert copywriting and excellent design, we have been able to generate over 1300 leads at S$34.31 for their events, products, services, and everything in between. 

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About The Brand

Cloud Kinetics (also known as CK) is a leading Cloud Transformation Solutions and Managed Services Provider, offering a plethora of services across all major Public Cloud Operators.

CK has helped hundreds of customers unlock new-found value by migrating and running business critical systems on Cloud.

CK has demonstrated the capabilities and expertise necessary to design, build, deploy, migrate and operate complex cloud environments for enterprise clients across industries.

Predominantly, we worked with the brand to assist in their B2B Linkedin Lead Generation through advertising.

The brand is one of the leading Google AQW partners in Cloud Technology Target markets in Singapore, Vietnam, India, and Indonesia.

We have helped them generate leads for products, services, and events in 4 countries through Linkedin Ads.

The Challenge:

As a B2B brand, the decision was taken early on that the most impactful platform for us to run paid ads on would be LinkedIn.

The benefit of using LinkedIn is centered around both targeting and also the frame of mind that the user is in when browsing on this media network. 

LinkedIn Ads allow you to target users based on the type of company or specific company and job title, making it much easier for us to target key decision makers within brands that would potentially seek out the use of products and services that Cloud Kinetics offers. 

When it comes to the frame of mind of the user, LinkedIn is much more centered around business and as such, when people are browsing on this network, they are much more engaged with thoughts around their businesses or their job roles.

That gives the platform a huge edge in reaching the same people on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. 

It’s important to state that many agencies are nervous about running advertising through LinkedIn because there are very limited experts available to consult and assist with advertising on this platform.

This is because it is, at least in Digital Marketing terms, a new platform, and the majority of classically trained Digital Marketers have no experience using it.

SocialFin spotted the rise of LinkedIn ads in Asia early and we spend a huge amount of our yearly budget on training and staying updated, ensuring we can always fulfill our client’s needs.

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