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Janice Wong Singapore

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The Results

Average 14.6x

ROAs – Google Ads

Average 5.27x

ROAs – Facebook Ads

Google Ads
  • Ads have been run in the search, search and display and display methods through the Google ad account

  • A combination of great keyword selection and creatives have allowed us to hone in on a key audience looking for premium confectionery in Singapore.

  • Localised keyword strategy has allowed the account to greatly outperform competitors and places the client as an outstanding performing account in the area.

  • Consistent performance has led to a six figure profit with a very handsome ROAs of 14x+
Facebook Ads
Janice Wong - Results
Janice Wong xmas 2021 - socialfin
  • We identified certain holidays as key periods for us to launch and run Facebook ads because buyer intent is much higher within these periods.


  • We launched ads for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day and Mid-autumn festival, while paying close attention to potential campaigns for Christmas, New Year and other large scale holidays.
  • Ads launched so far have consistently yielded high profits for the client.
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About The Brand

Janice Wong Singapore is a multi-product and multi-channel confectionery brand that aims to inspire where art meets design and design meets art, where one can use their imagination to create, interact and discover. Headquartered in Singapore and helmed by multi award-winning Chef Janice Wong, the team’s never-ending passion for culinary art has propelled the passion to test the limits of dessert making. 

We began by assessing the brand and where they currently stood with their advertising and while some excellent work had already been done in building an incredible brand identity, backed by Janice Wong’s strong customer base and brand identity already present in Singapore and beyond it was exciting to partner with this brand because on initial discussions with Janice (Owner), it became apparent that she had some very big plans, and it was an opportunity to work with a blank canvas, achieving huge results and growing with a brand that has global potential.

The Challenge:

With any blank slate, the first challenge we are going to be tasked with is finding what works for their brand. We had no data or previous creatives to work with, so it’s going to be a complete zero to a hundred process, with lots of testing involved. 

Some of the specific challenges we were posed

  • Taking on the account in May 2021, this is a traditionally very quiet period for high end confectionary besides some of the smaller holidays

  • Peak season for Janice Wong’s product are around the holidays such as Chinese New Year, Christmas, New year, Mid-autumn Festival

  • Forming and testing keywords in Google from a point of zero

janice wong xmas 2021
janice wong online 2021

The Solution:

  • We identified some smaller holidays that we could launch ads to test ahead of the huge holidays later in the year. Mother’s Day and Father’s Day presented a huge opportunity for us to test and hone our methods, ahead of Mid-autumn Festival

  • Our investment in cutting-edge third-party allowed us to identify keywords for testing and run a large number of test ads before optimisation made our results more stable and ROI consistently improved and scaled. 

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