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little oxford leads

New parents enquiring and booking visits for November alone just through Facebook Ads (not counting Google Ads, SEO and social media channels).


Google Ads
little oxford google ads
  • For as low as $10/month, Google Ads could potentially bring you 100+ highly interested parents per month that are looking for a preschool right now and are eager to call or enquire.
  • We’ve identified what works best for preschools and have seen great results, especially when using Facebook Ads and Google Ads together.
  • A combination of great keyword selection has allowed us to hone in on a key audience looking for preschools.
  • Localised keyword strategy has allowed the account to greatly outperform competitors and places the client as an outstanding performing account in the area.
  • Consistent performance has more than tripled the number of children enroled.
Facebook Ads
little oxford fb ads
little oxford fb ads
little oxford fb ads
  • We identified where to find parents looking for a preschool right now, how to make them interested, and how to make them enquire.

  • After setting up all the necessary tracking and ad platforms and social media channels, we launched the very first Facebook ad around 6 months ago.

  • With a consistent CPL (cost-per-lead) between $20 – $50/ lead we get, on average, 3-4 new children for every 10 leads through our automation systems, SEO, social media, and advertising.
  • That’s an average 8,600%+ return on ad spend!
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About The Brand

Little Oxford Schoolhouse joined the early education industry with a big promise –  to offer top-of-the-line early childhood education in Singapore. 

It all started with one preschool opening in Bartley in Q1 2021 and the rest, as we say, is history. 

Little Oxford Schoolhouse opened another centre in Kembangan in Nov 2021 and 2 more are opening in Q1 2022. 

We began working together from day one by building a top-notch website that is not only parent-friendly but also built with lead generation in mind. 

littleoxford schoolhouse website sample

Leads (new parents) are the fuel that drives any preschool. So everything that we do has to generate leads and help a business grow otherwise it won’t be profitable.  

We continued the journey through managing their social media channels, advertising, and SEO. 

By assessing the brand and where they stood, we developed strategies that were tailor-made for the business. That allowed us to not only bring high-quality leads (new parents) from multiple channels but also automate processes that increase the conversion rate for every lead thus increasing enrollments for the centres.

The Challenge:

With any blank slate, the first challenge we are going to be tasked with is finding what works for their brand. We had no data or previous creatives to work with, so it’s going to be a complete zero to a hundred process, with lots of testing involved. 

Some of the specific challenges we were posed

  • Taking on the account in Q1 2021, this is a traditionally very quiet period for new parents looking for a preschool.

  • With 1 centre to start with and a local limited audience, the strategies would need to be very localised.

  • Periods when parents, due to Covid-19 precautions, were not allowed to visit the centre.

  • Forming and testing keywords in Google from a point of zero.
little oxford schoolhouse
little oxford schoolhouse

The Solution:

  • We identified what works in the targeted area and what would make parents more interested to book an in-person or online visit.

  • Our investment in cutting-edge third-party software allowed us to identify keywords for testing and run a large number of test ads before optimisation made our results more stable and ROI consistently improved and scaled.

  • Developed creative ways to reach new parents searching for a preschool through social media, ads, SEO, WhatsApp and beyond.

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