Results our clients have achieved

Case Studies

Cloud Solutions

Over 1300 leads generated

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From 1 to 4 centres

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Instructional Design Coach

4x ROAS with 47+ signups in 14 days

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Breastfeeding Supplements

800% ROAS with over $600k in sales

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Never Miss a Lead or Sale Again! How to Contact Leads Customers While They’re Still Ready to Buy - nurture

F & B

Avg 860% ROAS with over $800k in sales

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Student Accommodation

Average 2,000% ROAS

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5,500% ROAS

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Education Franchise

500% increase in franchisees leads with same ad spend

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Need More Proof?

Tech School:
~15 new enrolments/month
$1.1 million in 10 months

From ONE centre to FOUR

in 12 months

International Preschool:
1,700+ leads generated
for less than $8/lead

International Enrichment School Franchise (B2B):
7-10 new business franchise sessions/month

Private College:
520 leads generated
additional $1.2mil in revenue

Private Fitness Coach
Over 500 leads
additional $25k / month

Music School:
114 leads

Brand New Preschool:
40+ leads / month

~3 enrolments / month

Student Accommodation:
Over 2,000 leads generated

Drums Academy:
9 new enrolments in 7 days with 61% decrease in cost per lead

Health Coach:
611 leads generated
additional $23k/month

F & B Business:
5x - 9x ROAS 

Janice Wong - Results

Apparel Brand:
95% increase in sales in 3 months

Cycling Brand
362% increase in sales in 3 months

Home Decor:
3 - 14x ROAS

110 Leads and $5k/month
in additional revenue


What Our Clients
Say About Us

Beth De Lima
The SocialFin team is just incredible. I have worked with so many marketing people around the world and they are by far heads and tails above everybody else. What a great experience compared to what I’ve been used to with online marketers.
Beth De Lima
Marko C.
We've worked with the team at SocialFin to increase our new clients by optimizing our advertising and email marketing processes. The results we received were more than we asked for and the team was always prompt and available.
Marko C.
Faye M.
We are extremely fortunate to have found SocialFin. They came highly recommended by a friend when I was trying to revive my business which was affected by the pandemic. Kath and her team was very patient and understanding to all my needs. They were also able to double my sales within 17 weeks! I’ve worked with several marketing firms and got burned several times. I’m really happy to have found a team that I can trust and rely on.
Faye M.
Angeline Lim
"I am impressed with the hassle-free backend procedures and the prompt action when there are last minutes amendments."
Angeline Lim
Marketing Communications Manager, Nirwana Gardens Resort Bintan
Ted Aravinthan
"The work of SocialFin resulted in increased brand awareness. They communicate only when necessary, but the workflow is effective. Customers can expect a responsive team."
Ted Aravinthan
Founder, Tech Social Enterprise Group
Adam Tan
"It was great working with SocialFin, while we are a startup and have many gaps in our flow, they were very willing to support and gave us good advice."
Adam Tan
Founder and CEO
Salma P.
"The Socialfin team was excellent to work with. They developed the project, set the goals and milestones, and effectively managed it as well as creating and delivering a great project. They were super flexible and offered a lot of great expertise and explanations of trade-offs. Plus, they were really helpful in helping us get up to speed and learn how to integrate and build on what they put together. I'd definitely recommend their work."
Salma P.
Founder - Salma's Palette
Tony G.
I appreciate our partnership and have been really happy with the results of the work you have done.
Not only would I recommend SocialFin but I am already planning to re-engage their services for our next web-site because (a) I trust them to deliver, (b) they are very accessible, (c) they delivered what we wanted, on budget, on time.
Tony G.
President - Styletiletable
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